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June 2018

Volume 8, Issue 6

A Newsletter of the Blue Mountain Community Library

Our April luncheon with author Kate Brandes was a big success! 

Pictured below:  luncheon attendees 

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the library. 


Join the library for a fundraiser at Blue Ridge Winery – June 15 


Tickets are $20 each and include five tastings, hot foods, a wineglass, tour of the facility, and a chance to win the door prize! 

Also support the library by dining at 

Old Mill – June 27 



The library announces exciting summer reading programs for children, young adults, and adults! 

  • All ages will have the opportunity to read books and earn great prizes. 
  • Beginning June 18, pick up participation materials. 
  • The children’s program and “book bingo” for young adults and adults run through August 11. 


Children are invited to Nature Adventure Programs! 

Programs are held at Waste Management Environmental Education Center at 891 Grand Central Road, Pen Argyl. 

Each program is 10:00 AM-12:00 PM. 

Owls – June 22 

Composting – July 13 

Recycling – August 17 

See for more information. 


Mark your calendar for Pies in the Park! 

Enjoy Desire on July 1 and Inch and the Echoes on July 29.  The library will sell slices of delicious homemade pies, ice cream, and beverages.  These free concerts are held at Weona Park in Pen Argyl. 


The public is invited to the next board meeting, scheduled for June 20 at 6:30 PM. 


Bracelets for American Girl dolls are on sale for $2 each, while supplies last. 


Adult book discussion group selections: 

June 19The Voice Inside by Brian Freeman 

July – No book discussion 

August 21The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn 

September 18Never Caught by Erica Armstrong Dunbar 

October 16The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah 

November 20Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann 

Book group meetings begin at 6:30 PM. 

Books are available for checkout. 


A very big thank you to Detzi’s for its recent fundraiser for the library! 


Meet a volunteer! 

Name:  Sherie Stauffer 

Job:  middle-school librarian 

How long I’ve been a volunteer:  two weeks 

What I like about volunteering:  books and people 

Why I read:  the joy of it 

How I fell in love with reading:  I remember getting Charlotte’s Web from the New York Public Library with my own library card, maybe in second grade. 

My favorite seriesThe Reckoners trilogy by Brandon Sanderson 

Why I like it:  The protagonists work together to resolve issues and don’t hurt each other—it’s the best of humanity. 

My favorite genre:  fantasy/science fiction 

Why I like it:  the new devices, new inventions, new places (like in Alice in Wonderland where teapots can talk) 

Favorite place to read:  anywhere 

Words of wisdom:  Love is like a potato in a minefield.  As Steelheart character David Charleston says, “You’re strolling through a minefield, worried about getting blown up.  And then you step on something, and you think, ‘I’m dead.’ But it’s just a potato.  And you’re so relieved to find something so wonderful when you expected something so awful.” 

Other things to know about me:  I have three kids who went through Pen Argyl school district.  I have three dogs, three cats, two lizards, and two turtles. 


Book review: 

The Frozen Hours 

book by Jeff Shaara 

review by Katy Albanese 

In his previous books, author Jeff Shaara tackled the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and World Wars I and II.  Now he takes on the Korean War and tells the story of American Marines who were surrounded by the Chinese in northern Korea.  In the Battle of Chosin Resevoir, the soldiers endured below-zero temperatures, frostbite, starvation and annihilation. 

Shaara tells the story of this confrontation from many points of view-Douglas MacArthur, the supreme commander who is stationed in Japan, Oliver Smith, the command officer of the Marines, Pete Riley-a Marine private who is fighting for his life at Chosin, Sung Shi-Lin-the Chinese commander who leads his troops against the Americans in northern Korea.  Each of these men makes decisions which affect the outcome of this battle. 

The author does an excellent job explaining the motives and actions that led to one of the deadliest of all military battles.  From Supreme Commander Douglas MacArthur down to Marine Private Peter Riley, we learn about the bravery, sacrifice, egotism, and bad decisions that played a part in this war. 

Forget the dry reading in high school and college; history has never been so interesting. 


Book review: 

Every Note Played 

book by Lisa Genova 

review by Judy Piper 

If you read any of Lisa Genova’s books, you know they are about some medical condition.  This one is about ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). 

Richard, a world- renowned concert pianist, is having trouble with his hands as he plays the piano.  When diagnosed with ALS, he fears the loss of his fingers to strike the correct notes.  He is divorced, lives alone and fights against having help.  Eventually, he agrees to an aide who helps him with his personal upkeep. 

His ex-wife, Karina, is also a pianist and probably would have become well known except for having a child who is now a freshman at the University of Chicago.  She has avoided all contact with him until she finds out that he is ill as Karina is trying to find her path now that she is also alone. 

Through his illness, Richard and Karina try to reconnect.  This book will help you understand what person experiences when living with ALS and what a caregiver needs to do for the patient.